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Villoslada, Barcelona?

You say someone from "Villoslada, Barcelona" is a local. I'm quite sorry, but there's no Villoslada in Barcelona. In fact, it doesn't even sound as a Catalan name. The closer Villoslada I've found is at about 500km, in Spain.

So, he may be a resident, but not local.

Víktor Bautista i Roca 301 days ago


Hi Viktor,
Thanks for your comment. We had made an editing mistake in the online version. In fact, his name is Miguel Ángel Villoslada and he is from Barcelona.

Metropolitan 295 days ago

Size of Barcelona

Barcelona has 1.6 million inhabitants, but include its metropolitan area and the figure doubles – not so small anymore.Àrea_Metropolitana_de_Barcelona

Toni 324 days ago

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