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Just after this had gone to press, there was a neighbors' meeting which as a resident, I attended. It quickly devolved in to a complaint session by residents given that the plans shown now are completely different from those presented last September. The focus over the last 10 months has indeed been to make it more tourist friendly and less resident enjoyable. Visitors will love the addition of even more terrace space, but it's just going to become an extension of Passeig del Born at night.
I have to disagree on the new pavings. While the concept of having old stones interspersed to represent the old streets that lie below is a great concept, the rectangular granite stones are garbage. They're already filthy and look horrid despite only being in place for a couple of months and they have a bland, generic look that loses all the flair of Panots de Flor that define the unique feel of this city and look like a bland shopping mall in anywhere in the United States.

Miquel Hudin more than 3 years ago

Botched Project

So indignant was I about about the jarring new street lighting in front of the renovated Market del Born
that I inadvertently renamed the street Passeig de Gracia, rather then Passeig del Born. Sorry!

Gil Irwin more than 3 years ago

Botched Project?

I assumed that the Born "Market" would be not dissimilar to la Boqueria, with the addition of a subterranean museum. Reading your piece, I have no idea what to expect. The piazza in front of the main entrance at the end of Passeig del Born has been excellently re-paved. The cafe tables
make it potentially one of the most atmospheric squares in the city. But it is ruined by stark, incongruous lights in contrast to the elegant streetlights that grace the Passeig de Gracia from Santa Maria del mar right down to the Market. Incidentally, the backdrop of the building itself should
be imaginatively lit by a designer with the vision the emphasise the sheer magic of this much loved old building.

Gil Irwin more than 3 years ago

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