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Tori is a great artist and a wonderful person.

I first heard Tori at a house concert in the States and was intrigued by her presence and originality. She and I talked at length about how her show was not properly promoted nor were her accommodations very comfortable. With no experience at all but much enthusiasm, I hosted her for 3 house concerts in our home to small but very receptive audiences. I am so happy her career has taken off in Spain. A friend spending some time in Barcelona went to see her on my recommendation and was very impressed. My only regret is not being able to host her again or find a venue for her when she was back in the States a few years ago.

Rick Sparks (no direct relation) more than 2 years ago


Great article Tori! My daughter is in school in Dublin and we searched all over for pretzels and couldn't find any! Must be a conspiracy. Rock on...

Frank Eason more than 2 years ago

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