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Fragments Café

We ate there recently and were extremely disappointed with the experience.. Service was extremely unprofessional and bordered on rudeness from one of the staff. The pasta was dry and we had to ask for oils to make it any way edible. The Bravas got very mixed reviews as well. Expensive.Definitely the inner patio must be a wonderful place for a coffee or vermut but we would not go back for food-we also have tried Bangok Café and really liked it.

Susy more than 5 years ago

Fragments Café

My husband and I have been twice with our two young daughters, and we thought the place had lots of potential in many ways (food, terraces, location, etc), but as Jo said above, it is over-priced; and the garden terrace lacked love and care (to put it gently) and the staff also lacked the right attitude of love and care that would have encouraged us to become regular customers. Our friends from the neighborhood feel the same way about their experience, so I know that it's not just us. In sum, although it has not become a family favorite, it's a "cool" place to try out, especially when the weather is good and you can get a table on one of the terraces; and I have heard that the weekday lunchtime "menú" is a good value. It also looks like a cool place for hanging out after work or on the weekends to "see and be seen" if you know what I mean!

diana more than 6 years ago

Fragments cafe

There are much better places to eat in Les Corts thn Fragments. For example, the bangkok cafe, vinopolis, negro, central cafe, etc.

Fragments has a nice garden out back but in general the food is overpriced and not that satisfying. It also gets smoky inside so is not suitable to sit inside with kids like others places in the area.

Jo more than 7 years ago

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