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It was a good read!
I use a lot the craft beer finder to find great craft beer bars/shops wherever I go. It is great to find the best places in Barcelona.

Craft beer lover more than 1 year ago

garage beer co

Thanks for the article it really helped us explore some of the beer spots, and we especially liked Ale & Hop. We also got tipped off by a friendly punter there about a new micro-brewery called garage beer co near plaza universitat - hats off to these guys for the great beers they brew and serve in the tap room adjoining the brewery!

Richard Medev more than 1 year ago


CatBar (c/Boria-Carders) opened 2009, serving mainly Catalan beers, with 8 craft beers on tap,
and 34 Catalan craft bottled beers.
CatBar also serves 100% vegetarian (vegan) food.
On tap today Les Clandestines - 4 Maltas 4.10€ for 50cl (pinta) 2.50€ for 25cl plus
L'AnJub, Fort Porter, Almogaver Pale and Hop&Roll, plus 2 from Brewdog.
see for our the latest beer lists.

Ro more than 3 years ago

Another brew pub with vegan food!

Also worth noting is Cat Bar, C/ Boria. Pint: Fort Porter 5euro. Eats: Big burger 4.5euro. And the plates of food are seriously massive!

Saul Zambia more than 3 years ago

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