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They used to give you mint tea FREE with the shishas here!

What a shame. This kind of radical price hike is happening all over the city. Either they hoik the prices up or the quality nosedives. Arabia's days are probably numbered, which is a pity as it used to be a great place for a fun, cheap dinner with friends. And a camel.

angel more than 5 years ago

Never Again! Avoid this Place!

The shisha is now a WHOPPING 20 euros!!! I've been to some expensive shisha lounges and have never paid anything close to this price. The mint tea for 2 is 10 Euros. Avois this trap at all costs!

Karim more than 5 years ago

What's for lunch: Arabia

I get wet mouth reading through the story about the delicious Arabic food. Next time I am in town, I definitely will be having dinner there.

Unlike other Arabic restaurant in America or Europe that I dined at, this one get my admiration, simply because it does not hide behind, Greek name or Middle Eastern name to get by. It says it as it is. Arabic! And proud of it. Take it or leave it.

As always, brilliant work by Miss Nadia.

Wonder if Arabic does catering or delivery.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph more than 6 years ago

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