The unbearable lightness of eating: Komomoto



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Negative Reviews

I agree with Jane. It's also good to know that these are honest reviews and not advertorials, like so many publications do here. Refreshing.

Hildi more than 4 years ago

Negative reviews

I work as a food writer and want to defend the negative review: smaller publications, such as BCN Metropolitan, do not have unlimited budgets and simpy cannot afford to send food writers to various restaurants each month until they hit a good one. Neither can they afford to send them to the same restaurant on multiple occasions, which is really what would be necessary to guarantee first impressions. Fay Maschler, one of Britain's most respected food critics, famously visits each establishment she reviews up to nine times. Clearly, a small publication can't finance that level of scrutiny. While this review of Komomoto is not a recommendation it is still useful as a guide and it is better than the advertorial you get in most publications. So I say - "Well done Metropolitan for telling it like it is."

Jane more than 4 years ago

Komomoto review

I don't see the point of writing unfavorable reviews. There are lots of good restaurants in Barcelona and I believe that your readers deserve to hear about them. Why tell us about restaurants that we don't want to go to?

kbwildthing more than 5 years ago

Komomoto... maybe not. (anche no!)

Just had lunch there. I have to say, not good. The fish quality was very bad! The salmon was almost florescent! In fact I didn't even try it, let it there.. It seemd they used frozen fish.. not even the vegetable tempura was good..and that's something generally not so difficult to get wrong...

Lady more than 5 years ago

japanese food
better check out what a dish is before you dis it...and by the way, to compare the quality of japanese food made in spain...well,need I say more.Better get to Japan to try the real thing.

get it right more than 5 years ago


Ha ha! This lady is very good. But Komomoto is not.

Shakattack more than 6 years ago

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