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Jamaican Paradise

This restaurant must be visited. Highly Recommended and the best I had been too during my two week visit to the city.

It has a clean, stylish and trendy interior and i must say one of the best toilets I have seen in any public venue. Bob Marley canvass a nice touch. Proper light reggae music in the background, with jamaican flag and finishing touches providing a rustic feel.

The staff deserve special praise. Their english was good and were really friendly and fun. The service was fast and as good as you will find anywhere else if not better. They made a real effort to ensure you were comfortable and enjoying your visit there.

The food was simply superb. Presentation was beautiful and the food was cooked to perfection. Top quality. The lamb main course in particular was amazing. The meat was so juicy, tender and tasty and cooked to a quality that rivals any top quality restaurant around. But amazingly the price of 14 euros for the three courses was real value for money. I feel they maybe under-value themselves and i would easily pay a bit more.

Copliments to the staff and the chef and they really deserve it.

Bryan Mcdonald more than 6 years ago

juiciest chicken ever

Just had lunch there .... wow... I’m usually not so fuzzed about making sure I enjoy all the little pieces of the chicken leg...but Stush & Teng just prepared the juiciest dish ever.

I'll be back for some more of that wicked chicken.

Janna more than 7 years ago

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