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Ho Bon Café

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excellent restaurant

first of all it is hard enough as it is to find good hardworking employees in spain. secondly if you know of any vietnamese ppl in bcn then let the restaurant know. however there are not many.
3rd.the owner is vietnamese and she taught the staff how to cook.
4th the food is excellent..soo fresh and delicious.

friend of owner more than 5 years ago


I eat regulary in this restaurant and I am suprised by your review. In fact the products are fresh and simple, like I found during my trips in Vietnam. I discover this restaurant after a review in Time Out, I do not understand how this restaurant could pass from "The best value for money in town" (Time Out) to the description you wrote. Somebody does not know anything about Vietnamese food. I let the people judge by themselves....
Just give a try, perhaps do like me, avoid en d of the week, but try.

Jordi Pujadas more than 6 years ago

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