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I recomend that anyone wanting delicious cheap bread make it themselves using the New York Times No Knead Bread recipe.
Just Google it. Its so simple a child can make it. I have used a combination of flours very successfully.

Yvonne more than 5 years ago

very good bread and more...

One of the best bread of Catalunya is in Forn de pa ca la xata:

Oriol more than 5 years ago

Agree with you Jamie

It's true - the people here need to complain more - like it or not that's how you get people providing a service to pull their socks up, be it bread, service etc. The couple of times my boyfriend and I have complained about the service in a restaurant we have been met with such defensiveness and rudeness it is incredible!

Monica more than 6 years ago

El millor PA!!!

Please visit Turris. Best bread ever eat!!! The owner keeps the essence of mother bread and used it everyday.

Find it at C/Aribau and C/Calvet, next to Mestre Nicolau.


joan more than 7 years ago


I agree that the bread in Barcelona is awful, but the prices at BarcelonaReykjavik are just incredible. They charge around 8.00€ for a loaf with a few tomatoes inside. The main reason for lack of good bread here is that people tend not to complain enough or demand better and just put up with what they are given, be it poor bread, service or whatever.

Jaime more than 7 years ago


I am what in catalan is called a Panarra, a bread lover, and I share the embarrassment described on the article. It is a shame that my country has gone down this route. The semifrozen bread sold in most chains is absolutely awful. When I was a child I went with my mother to the Forn Roura, in carrer Calaf, between Via Augusta and Madrazo and next to Muntaner. It is still open and has kept the original wooden walls and carvings. I think it is one of the most impressive forns remaining in Barcelona.

David more than 7 years ago

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