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Papa Serra culinary adventures

It was thanks to this link that I found this class - it didn't show up in google and there is nowhere to write a review and share my experience with other travellers.

I went to Barcelona recently and on the recommendation of a friend, my boyfriend and i gave papa serra culinary adventures in barcelona a try.

The school is run by a guy called Joel who calls himself Papa Serra Jr. after his grandfather who was called papa serra : )

The half day tour/class was without doubt one of the highlights of our long weekend in Barcelona. I had visited Barcelona several times but it was on this trip with my boyfriend and his parents that I felt I got a true sense of what Barcelona is about - the people, food and culture.

We began with a tour of La Boqueria (greeted with Cava!) where we purchased a few fresh ingredients and got to see all the amazing seafood, fruits and vegetables, cheeses and jamon, and more jamon!

Then we walked to the apartment next to the market, which was a very relaxed space and got to taste some tapas joel had prepared for us. Fresh cheese with honey, coffee and nuts and a melon dish with jamon. They were beautiful and got our mouths watering. It was great to see how passionate about Spanish and Catalan food the chef was and set such a fun atmosphere for the rest of the day.

The food we cooked was some of the best i've tried in Barcelona. A real gazpacho, stuffed peppers, chorizo in cider and pears with saffron cream. It was just so fresh and the perfect representation of Spanish food and very different from what we had previously tried on Las Ramblas!

We also learnt how to cook what was quite possibly the best tapa i tried in Barcelona. It was chicken poached in wine and lemon then mixed with saffron yogurt, black grapes and toasted almonds. Then it was wrapped in a radicchio and lightly braised in the poaching liquid. Then we dipped it in a spice mix of fennel seeds, bee pollen and lemon zest. It was so delicious and a highlight taste of our holiday - thanks to joel for the recipe!

We had a great time and tasted four wines from different parts of Spain. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting a unique and memorable experience in Barcelona. I found the information on the website where you can make a reservation.


Alicia more than 4 years ago

New La Boqueria market tour and cooking class in Barcelona!

There is a new culinary experience in Barcelona!

Culinary Adventures in Barcelona was launched in June and offers tours of Barcelona's renowned market, La Boqueria, as well as cooking classes where you will learn how to prepare Spain's most famous dishes. The half-day adventure includes a market tour, cooking class, wine tasting and food matching.

You can find more information at:

We look forward to welcoming you on the next Culinary Adventure in Barcelona!

Papa Serra Jr. more than 4 years ago

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