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sara blaylock topic

i found very interesting this topic but didn't understand why is so long, i don't had nopatience or time to read everything... in my opinion should be shorter with the specific point where to find it!!
anyway thanks a lot!!!

patricia more than 6 years ago

Blog on shopping locally in Barcelona

I have been writing about trying to shop more sustainably, including reduced food miles, in my blog I'm particularly interested in hearing from producers and shopkeepers that I can visit and write about - go to the blog to get in touch.

helen lewis more than 6 years ago

fishy eggs

Whilst trying some "fresh" eggs in Gàcia my partner and I noticed a very strong fish taste, so much so I must add that we had to throw them away. Fish flavoured eggs might be one way of not having to add fish to your food but I would have liked the farmer not to have feed the birds on fish food.

P Johnson more than 6 years ago

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