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Good food, shocking service...

My partner and I went to La Royale last night, having read this review, and I can vouch for the food, mostly.

To start off we had nachos. Avoid these! They were certainly the worst nachos either of us had ever had - cold, no cheese, no peppers, TONS of guacamole - the only good thing in the entire dish - and KETCHUP! YES! KETCHUP! Clearly the chef has never had nachos before, but I can assure him that ketchup does not form a key part of this dish!

For main course, we had an Angus burger and a Vaca Añeja burger. These were good, but not better than El Petit Burger (Bestiari Burger) or El Filete Ruso. These places both make a far superior burger, and they're cheaper!

The highlight of the meal was the chips. Not saying much for a restaurant that supposedly prides itself on gourmet food.

Now, to the service. Shocking. From arrival to departure we were constantly ignored, like all the other tables, as the staff seemed to rush around like headless chickens. The emphasis seemed to be on making a display out of the gin pouring, which meant that everything else went to pot. Our order wasn't taken for 20 minutes, and we had to go to the bar to settle our bill, after having failed to attract the attention of anyone for over 20 minutes! These were only some of the examples of poor service - there are plenty more!

Safe to say, we tried La Royale, but we won't be going back. There are many more far superior burger restaurants in Barcelona.

Steven more than 4 years ago

Many places

Indeed there is lods of new places to enjoy a good burger. Not alls are so good.
Here a good critic of where to go !!

Gourmets Terribles more than 4 years ago

so many burger joints

every month another burger restaurant opens up... makes sense during a can anyone get to them all.

heather more than 4 years ago

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