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organic olives

i am an olive farmer in south tarragona.i have produced my own olive oil and sold it locally at very low price.unfortunately most customers use it for deep frying which is a total waste of its organic qualities.can you help me to market my oil to larger customer base and customers who are prepared to pay for the health benefits i can e-mail addressis:

conor collins more than 4 years ago

Bio Barcelona, a different guide to organic food in Barcelona

Amanda, congratulations with your excellent article on organic food in Barcelona. I would like to share our web,, we launched it very recently and it offers an independent bilingual guide on organic shops and restaurants. We also include a review of conventional supermarkets that sell organic products at better prices than specialized stores. A balanced organic diet is the greatest gift you can give to your body, so visit our site and let us know if there's anything to add!

Hans more than 4 years ago


Hello, please could you include our shop in your guide - we have a great selection of fruit and vegetables and fantastic prices! - please have a look at our web:

isabelle more than 4 years ago

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