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cheapter shopping

Although Veritas can be good in a pinch it will drain your pocketbook in a hurry. Those vegetarians in the know buy their tofu for a 1/3 of the price at Asian markets, for example the one near the University metro. I also highly recommend scouring ethnic stores in the Raval. Indian and other veggie foods can be found there for fantastic prices.

Laura N more than 6 years ago

vegetarian products

There is a good selection of vegetarian products at a Taste of Home, english Supermarket in C/Floridablanca 78. These include Quorn, Linda McCartney, many Soya ready meals and mixes. There are lots of frozen ready meals for vegetarians.

Inge Barker more than 7 years ago


Thanks Ant May! Will be using your map next week.

more than 7 years ago

Vegetarians in barcelona

Not a very well rounded article and not exactly factual. For example: veganism and vegetarianism have very different points of view. In the UK when asked if you're a vegetarian they'll respond, ahh.. nutcutlet or vege burger. Here it's "oh there's green salad and olives, and you don't mind paying half when I eat the lobster".

Having lived here 3 years it's still difficult to eat out in 95% of spanish bars and restaurants. It's mainly always a la carte and there's so few menu del dias it's untrue. In fact it hasn't radically changed in the 9 years I've been visiting here. There are a few more places, but you can only just get a bit too fed up of the same menu.

There are so few places in barcelona to eat as a vegetarian and even then the quality of the food is not exactly tops. Like other places in mainland europe most vegetarians have learned to find a Sikh restaurant or as normal a 4 quesos pizza. Eating out well in vegetarian restaurants, to date I've only found "Habulac" and "L'hortet" to be a stage above the rest [possibly you could take someone there to eat for business].

Sure there's a lot of buffet places, but I don't count them as being a place to wine and dine a future partner to get married!

There are so few vegetarian options and if you don't eat fish, then you're really quite stuffed.

In northern spain/cataluna per se, the diet is still high meat to veg. Ideally the best places to eat would be local veg dishes in Granada and Extremadura.

As well as Happy Cow, SinCarne is also a place to go. I've made a google map for anyone who'd like to take a look of vege places I've discovered while being here. Although I cannot vouch for all, it's a reasonable place to start your own investigations.

Ant more than 7 years ago

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