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Good coffee in Barcelona

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Harriet Freeman more than 3 years ago

re: 'Coffee Culture'

I know coffee! In the 1990's, I owned a very successful coffeehouse near Miami. Every year, we earned the title of "best coffee" in our region, beating Starbucks & every other establishment.

From my experience, the validation of thousands of customers, & the acclaim of over 100 major international newspaper critics, food, travel & tourism publications, I can assure you that there are vast differences between speciality coffees & the budget brands on supermarket shelves.

While your article on coffee was somewhat informative, it contained many inaccuracies & fails to mention many important factors which contribute to the customer's coffee experience:

1) The bean species include Arabica, not Arabic.

2) The quality of "espresso-machine rendered java" is not uniform. The quality & roast of the beans, whether they are freshly ground or stale, the water quality & taste, the type of machine & whether the correct maintenance procedures are being followed, the pressure with which the water is forced through the ground beans and--not least of all--the expertise of the barista & artistry of his presentation, are all important factors.

It is also true that exposing the greatest surface area of the grounds to the water will ensure the optimal flavor & aroma, so coffee brewed in a French Press will taste noticeably better than coffee produced in a filter-coffeemaker, and will not be burned by sitting on a hot plate for too long.

3) Most coffees are not simply a mixture of Arabica & Robusta beans. Some consist of a single Arabica varietal, with a uniform grade & roast, but no Robusta. Some blends contain different roasts of a particular varietal, or a consistent roast of various varietals, etc. While Arabica (coffea arabica) & Robusta (coffea canephora) represent the two major species grown worldwide, around 75-80% is Arabica, while only about 20% is Robusta. Some coffee beverages contain a high percentage of chicory, a widely-used coffee substitute produced by roasting the root of the curly endive used in salads.

While Robusta beans are more robust & have a higher caffeine content, Arabica beans offer superior flavor & aroma. However, quality amongst Arabica beans varies widely, depending on the specific varietal, origin, soil, climate, grade, and roast, among other factors. The quality of roast depends on the bean quality & expertise of the roaster, size of the batch, type of roast, & time from roast to consumption. Fresher is always better.

I could continue 'ad nauseum', but ultimately, the flavor, aroma & presentation of any coffee beverage will all contribute to the customer's ultimate experience.

On one memorable occasion, an elderly customer was outraged over the price of a coffee he had ordered, though it was clearly listed in our menu. I told him to enjoy his coffee 'on the house'. Before he left, he told me that he had just tasted the best coffee of his entire life, that he had gladly paid for it & would be back often for more!

Michael Egdes more than 4 years ago


The majority of people whether local or not, do not really care so much about the mix of coffee beans and crap like that. The fact of the matter is that the coffee in Barcelona in Bar Paco is good, tastes good and feels good, it is coffee, Spanish coffee. This is what people want, this is what people are used to. Neither starbucks nor jamaica is a success here, apart from the tourist crowd. Nobody here is interested in a half liter cup of latte, frappacino, sé que. Note to Author, try not to over analyse everything so much.

Mohn J more than 4 years ago


A coffee revolution is deserved and needed but is NOT going to happen with Starbucks or Jamainca coffee shop, of course. Those are old , second wave, multinational chains. We need independent microroasters, like el magnifico, but many more.

coffee police more than 4 years ago

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