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Vegetarian Restaurants

Juicy Jones in Raval and Veg World in Gracia are two other excellent Veggie/Vegan restuarants.

Katie T more than 4 years ago

Vegetarian food in Barcelona


Nice article and I'm glad you enjoyed your time being a vegetarian :) I was born vegetarian and i just moved to Barcelona few months ago. I must say was not very easy to find good vegetarian food here but i have somehow managed to crack that!

Here are few places I recommend:
1. Teresa Carles (Carrer de Jovellanos, 2)
This place is by far my favourite place of vegetarian food. The whole resturant is vegetarian. Their spinach crepe is totally out of the world! :)

2. Maoz (They have a few in Barcelona and went to one near Las Ramblas)
Really yummy pita pockets and have variety of veggies with falafel to choose from. It is very cheap and filling at the same time!

3. Amrit (Verdi 18)
Its not a all vegetarian place but they have very nice vege options. It's syrian/ lebanese cuisine

4. Le Pain Quotidien (C/Provença, 300 )
I went there for a party and suprsingly they had loads of vegetarian options and extremely delicious food.

These are my favorites so far. Hope the vegetarians out there like them! :)


Krithika more than 4 years ago

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