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Disappointing first visit

Went there last week having walked by many times without realising that it's a British cafe until i saw it labelled so on Trip Advisor.
As a Brit in Bcn I wanted to like it but was underwhelmed by the experience. It was afternoon and we were the only customers. There were no staff visible when we arrived. When they appeared , we got a "yes?" as if we have to explain our presence. Not welcoming at all, and being so empty just didn't give us a good feeling, felt like we are intruding, so wouldn't go back.

JaneBcn more than 1 year ago

Thank you for your comments

Thank you very much for your feedback, it is much appreciated. We will contact Juan in a Million asap to clarify if changes have been made to the menu, and when those elusive Sunday dinners, and our other home favourites, will be on offer!

Barcelona Metropolitan more than 2 years ago


I couldnt agree more with the comment above. They really promote the British food- but it really is just disappointing. Arabic salad and greek salad? There are many things I miss from home, but i assure you 'roasted eggplant' ain't one of them!

BCNbrit more than 2 years ago

Not an English café.

Sadly disappointing, other than offering PG tips and marmite there's little else British. The food is tasty but I felt greatly mislead by their website and this review. The Sunday roast is not available every day, and is served with...salad, the menú only offers two or three "English" dishes. Where are the crumpets, the shepherds pie, the sausage and mash, the bacon sarnie...?? Nowhere to be seen.

DEE more than 2 years ago

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