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I haven't bought or downloaded a cd in about 10 years, unless I bought one at a concert directly from the band. This is mostly due to internet radios like Last Fm, or the brilliant Spotify and not rampant downloading.

Why not make films and series available in Spain in the same way. Honestly I would be more than happy to pay per view, trekking to a dvd store to rent a film and then having to return it by a certain time, is a waste of time, the DVD rental shops here should set up secure servers for their clients to pay to download their movies or something to that effect.

I dont necessarily want to download illegally so why not make the system work for you? Imagine how much money the store would save if they could offer this service to their clients? Who can happily browse movies from the comfort of their own homes.

Why not make something like Netflix here in Europe?

I agree with the author, its not about lack of money (I still go to the cinema or a concert of a favourite band) but about availability and easy access. In this digital age, people are more used to accessing things from the comfort of their own home.

Besides that, with the way technology is moving so fast, what is the point of buying a DVD or CD these days, when probably in 5 years we wont even be using them any more, and they will probably be as useless as a tape cassette.

downloader more than 5 years ago

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