Thursday 2nd June

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Re: E coli

Dear Bo Jangles,
Thank you for your comment regarding the E coli outbreak. We have actually covered it twice this week, so I'm surprised to hear you say that you've been checking it daily without success. We choose the stories for The Informer depending on the digital editions of the newspapers we use (La Vanguardia, El Periodico and Avui), so if they are covering other stories, then we do the same. We hope that you will keep coming back to The Informer to get a sense of the variety of news stories that are happening each day, but if you prefer ABC, 20 Minutes or Hola, we do understand.
Regards, Hannah

Hannah (Metropolitan) more than 5 years ago

E coli

Could you please explain why you have not a word about the E coli outbreak in Spain which does affect our area and so much for example about Barca? I have looked at this page almost daily to get a synopsis of the news in Catalunya, but I sort of feel like I'm wasting my time and would get more from newspapers like ABC or 20 minutes or Hola magazine. In the future I won't bother.

Bo Jangles more than 5 years ago

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