Barcelona popular vote on Catalan independence

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Catalunya's independence

As an outsider, I've always thought of the so-called independence movement and non-binding referendums served as a political bluff and a leverage to get more funding out of Madrid.

Chulie more than 5 years ago


And once Catalunya becomes independent will they join the European Union - giving up their independence?

Monica more than 5 years ago


Basicly, catalans have a feeling of beeing a nation, with our own culture, mentality. Most of us have tried to talk one-to-one with the Spanish gouvernement, to live together in a comfortable way. Impossible. For exemple, the airport of barcelona is ruled from Madrid, they try after and after to change our laws of education, specially the subject of the catalan language. Tehy don't allow us to call a natioin our-selves, and so on. We don't fell like staying in Spain anymore

Pere more than 5 years ago

Catalunya's independence

I agree with the previous writer. A researched piece would be most welcome - about what Catalan independence/further autonomy would mean in reality, apart from the propoganda we hear over and over and which, let's face it, is hardly grounds for separation - at least from the perspective of a foreigner.

Pieter more than 5 years ago

Catalunya's independence

Would it be possible for an objective summary of the issues for independence and what it would really mean for Catalunya? All I seem to hear is the taxes issue: i.e. 15% of Catalan taxes go to Madrid and don't come back and that Andalucia's infrastructure is funded by Catalunya. Instead of the usual arguments, that as at a guiri, seem fair to me as an advocate of wealth distribution, could someone please write, or point me in the direction of, an objective piece that ascertains the real issues here from the politicos who are striving for independence. I really want to be better informed. Thanks so much.

Andrea more than 5 years ago

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