Wednesday 14th September

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other countries should take Spain's example

In La Vangaurdia’s article “Local Polices are to have power to fine the owners of cars that produce excessive pollution” from “Wednesday, 14th, September” Oscar Muñoz states that Spain is in one of the many countries who has a lot of pollution. Spain produces 26.35 million tons of waste energy, which is municipal solid waste, landfill gas, methane, digester gas… etc. used as fuel, every single year. (World Agricultural Produces).

Oscar Muñoz states that local police forces are going to start putting fines on drivers that produce excessive pollution above the permitted levels. I agree with Oscar Muñoz’s article of La Vanguardia that this law, which will be passed in 2015, will help the quality of the region of Spain.

When I’m driving through the city I can’t pull my window down sometimes, from the horrible smell outside. I can’t see the amazing views from the top of the mountain of Barcelona without seeing a part of the sky which has a very different color. I can’t enjoy a day because it’s extremely hot. The reasons for this? Pollution. If this law were passed in 2012 it would help to reduce carbon dioxide produced each year. It would make a cleaner environment. In an article called Nutramed, Stepehen Gislaslon says that 30% of the pollution that Spain produces comes from cars. Michael Echoli informs in “Urban Spout” that standard drivers produce 7000 kilograms of CO2 each year. Although, I agree with this article, the idea of police identifying the cars, if they hear a very loud noise, is not a great idea. It would be very challenging to identify if one car is making a louder noise than the other. The polices should get a sound device because they would be able to catch the drivers better.

Pollution is a very big deal in the world, since it’s one of the main reasons for global warming. Spain is starting to take action against pollution and many other countries should take an example from it, since it’s destroying their environment.

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