Is modern technology ruining living abroad?



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De acuerdo! Travellers should get their heads out of their laptops, ipads, iphones or whatever other device they use to access the Internet and actually experience the place they're in. Modern technology is incredibly useful at times when abroad, but it can definitely take away from the travelling experience when used too much.

Tracy more than 4 years ago

I'd say a bit of both. While there is a lot to be said for the old way of travelling, armed with only a map, there was always the possibility that you'd miss something important. There's nothing worse than returning from visiting somewhere and being asked "oh my god, did you see X, wasn't it amazing?" and you feel irked that actually you'd had no idea X was even there, and a little disappointed in yourself for wasting all that time at Y and Z. It has pros and cons, the modern age. The biggest con being that you realise there is nowhere on earth to be discovered or happened upon any more.

LJ more than 4 years ago

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