Picnics and Pimms

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Pimms in Barcelona

I bought Pimms for a camping trip a couple of years ago from www.vinusbrindis.com. They have a shop on Asturias in Gràcia but I had to make the trek to their branch in Plaza Molina to find it. Worth it though.

Natasha (Metropolitan) more than 6 years ago

Pimms in Barcelona

Where else would you buy Pimm´s, other than in a typical English Supermarket! Try "A Taste of Home" Calle Floridablanca 78. You can buy Pimm´s there.

inge barker more than 6 years ago

Ginger for Pimms

Yes, Ginger do have a Pimms cocktail which means they must have Pimms which they will probably server to taste. I enjoyed one myself just the other night! They must also be buying it from somewhere so you could ask them directly.

Em more than 6 years ago

Buying Pimms.

I´m not sure what shops you can get it from, but my friend suggested the other day that we go to Ginger (I think it´s a bar... (C/Palma de Sant Just, 1, Barri Gothic OR C/Lledó, 2 - off Placa Jaume) which apparently has it!

Anna more than 6 years ago

Where do you buy Pimms in Barcelona?

Please, do you have any info on shops that supply Pimms? I've been looking and can't find it. Now that the rain has stopped...
I use ice and cucumber for Pimms. Nothing else. No fruit. Mint is an interesting idea although the leaf may be happier in a mint julip or a mojito! Pimms Number 1 cup is the only one still in circulation I think. There used to be 6 liquor based varieties. Pimms #1 is gin-based so strawberries may be a bit of a shock to the system. Although there's nothing wrong with that. Ultimately, Pimms is a fantastic summer drink for a warm climate. Spread the word!

Georgina Tremayne more than 6 years ago

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