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economic and very good lunch

I work near this restaurant and I eat there 3 or 4 times a week, I think that they don't make reservations for lunch, if is full they will take your name in a "waiting list", if people don't want to leave the table you will wait a little bit more. Anyways, for me is the best place to have a lunch!

Carles more than 6 years ago

my friendly local

I feel I have to stick up for Cuccine Mandarosso - it is, liek the reviewer says, a bit shambolic, but I think bcnfoodie must have gotten unlucky because they hve always been friendly and pleasant whenever I have called to make a reservation and fed us very well and cheaply. It is my local and I eat there at least once a month, so I speak from experience.

Jane K more than 6 years ago

terrible experience - didn't even get a chance to sample

This place is so disorganised and badly run, we had no opportunity to eat there. We phoned them at 12:45 to ask them if they were going to be open that day (having passed by and seen they weren't at the time). They said they were and that they'd open around 1:30. So we headed over at 2 and found it was already filling up. We were asked if we had a reservation - we said no (why hadn't we been offered to reserve when we phoned?) so we put our names and phone number down then. They said to come back in 45 minutes. So imagine our surprise when we returned in the 45 minutes to be told they couldn't seat us in the foreseeable future! Why take a name and phone number if your whole restaurant is reserved? Why couldn't they have phoned us, to save us a trip? Why couldn't they have been a little bit apologetic?? Try finding a restaurant that serves lunch after 3 in Barcelona! We were not happy! We will not be returning! And, with all the other restaurants to choose from in the city, we suggest you go somewhere else. 

If you want really really good Italian, try De Gustibus Italianae (Ricardo Calvo 13). Or if you end up stuck, like us, near the Palau de la Musica after lunch hours, Bodega La Palma ( la Palma de Sant Just 7) will warmly welcome you and serve you the best croquettas in the world - just like Grandma used to make!

bcnfoodie more than 6 years ago

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