Kiosko Gourmet Burgers—We're Lovin' It



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Soda Chargers

Very good burger please mention in your post what is cost of this burger.i'll will try it.

Soda Chargers more than 5 years ago

Not quite so...

Yes, I agree, however, if you go back you'll see that the prices have risen considerably in a couple of weeks then, even more so if you add sauces, fries etc now...

Jason more than 5 years ago

Pricing at Kiosko

Hi Jason.

Thanks for writing in.

These were the prices on the menu when I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. If you add in fries and extra sauces you'll spend more that is true. These prices refer to the cost of the burger only.

Meantime, if anyone is aware of a price hike, please do let me know.

All the best, Tara

Tara more than 5 years ago

Not quite so...

Your pricing in this article is way off; it's a lot more expensive, and seriously not worth it. Pim Pam burger is cheaper, more authentic and far tastier and all served without the attitude you get at Kiosko.

Jason more than 5 years ago

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