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Best paella at Barcelona's beach

Go to Restaurante Catamaran. It's a great choice since the paella is the best I've ever tried and, believe me, I'm a real fan of this spanish dish. You can enjoy not only its paellas or fideuas but also fantastic salads and others tipical starters. At the same time the atmosphere is relaxing with a whole view of the sea....

Kelly Chan more than 6 years ago

Paco Alcalde

Paco Alcalade in Barceloneta - almirall aixada 12 is my favourite by far. You can order paella and other rice dishes for one. The portions are generous and it has been around forever. The service is also friendly and they remember you when you go back.

Another one I tried in Poble Nou is Sabores... more Fidua then paella... is amazing there... it is on rambla poble nou near Mercadona... cheap and cheerful 14€ for starter, Fidua and dessert cant go wrong on a sat or sun!

Heather ( Barcelona Metropolitan) more than 6 years ago

Best Paella

We tried Kaiku - it was good, but not amazing. And you could only get in with reservations! (not so friendly staff). We liked the fideu one better (others were a bit too fishy for me/us, although the black rice one was ok).
However, we prefer CavaMar's paella. Yummy - and take our guests there. And they have the most amazing Cava Sangria (with strawberries)! Not being a cava lover - that says something! It's in the Barceloneta Beach area.

Josephine Tustin more than 7 years ago


Went to Elche for lunch today and had delicious black rice. Service was pretty good - one of the men in suits needs to work on his smile and laying out of cutlery (rather than just throwing down the knives and forks), but otherwise it seemed fine

Hannah (Barcelona Metropolitan) more than 7 years ago

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