Barcelona’s Best Burger?



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Barcelona’s Best Burger?

Barcelona, now has a new real American diner. Ideal to go with friends any time (is open until 3 am). This Barcelona Restaurant located in the heart of the city just between the Gothic Quarter and El Borne. Is one of the Barcelona bars that serve cocktails every hour as amazing mojitos daikiris and much more... The restaurant offers a menu based on grilled meats like steaks, T-bones, gourmet burgers, nachos, salads and real good hot dogs, Everything is homemade and tastes great. The menu is in English and the waiters speak English too. I think it should be on your list of best american restaurants in town.

Bernie's Diner Grill & Bar Barcelona
Via Laietana 20, Loc. 1, 2 Y 3.
08003 - Born. Barcelona
Tel (0034)931857735

Martín more than 3 years ago


Tara,you are so wrong as usual.Please try Bacoa,tucked away in El Borne and see for yourself the juicy,tasty 250 gram pure beef burgers,dripping in blue cheese,etc,etc.

mike B more than 4 years ago

Burgers in Barcelona

Devil's Kitchen in the Raval (close to Metro Parallel) has some awesome burgers, too! Fresh ground beef or tender chicken breast, a great Veggieburger - all from the grill and home made! A variety of sauces from Ketchup, German mustard or some spicy stuff to add your favorite flavor. Also from the grill: German sausages! German beer to wash it down - highly recommended!!

Christian more than 4 years ago

Flo Wao

For me the best burger in Barcelona is the Flo Wao from Big J's Burger!!

Let me add that they surely have good taste: they show pictures of me!!!

Thank you! Thank you very much!

Elvis Presley a.k.a. The King more than 5 years ago

The George Payne

I would recommend the burgers at the George Payne in Plaza Urquinaona, they are second to none. (Saying this as a fan of Big J's, which is right around the corner from my place)...

The Woki Market burgers (Ronda Universidad) are also pretty yummy.

Raphael more than 5 years ago

Burgers in bcn

I haven't been in Barcelona that long but I came across a cool irish bar just off the bottom of the ramblas, (ironically behind Burger King!!) called Flaherty's where I had the best homemade burger ever!!! It was massive and really cheap!!

Joanne more than 5 years ago

meatpacking bistro

meatpacking bistro


cassie more than 5 years ago

Number one

The Big J's is perfect within friends. You will enjoy burgers and drinks, especially milk shakes… Honestly, this is the best place to chill and eat!

Anatol more than 5 years ago

best barcelona burger

not tried many here but I do love a good burger.
My vote goes to Bacoa behind Santa Caterina market.
At least as good as many of the New York burger joints.
Best burger of all though is made by my mrs! (honest!)

Roger Lyons more than 5 years ago

custom your burger

I choose the Big J's Burger such as the best because you can make yur burger exactly how you want. Even without bread!!! if yu want!!

Try it

Cal more than 5 years ago

Big j's

Without boubt, the Big J's Burger is the best restaurant for this kind of food in Barcelona. I swear that this is true.


Turner more than 5 years ago

Where is Gopal?

Hi Nata,
Where is Gopal? Thanks

Lou more than 5 years ago


The best Burgers in town are Gopal's vegan burgers!!! =D

especially the quinoa&seawed, beetroot and (fake) chicken teriyaki!!!!
nicely filled with salad, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado...
homemade sauces, homemade buns...yummyyyy!!!

and not only for vegans, everyone should try them to see how tasty (and healthy!) they are =)

PS: they are also the best price-quantity-quality deal!

Nata more than 5 years ago

Best burger

Heart burger was good in the first month, because you could tell they were really trying to impress (free cava, chocolate covered strawberries and chupitos) and the food was great. However, I went back last week and the food didn't seem as good - the Hawaii burger came with cheap "plastic" ham and cheese and the guacamole wasn't very green... I think Pim Pam, Kiosko, Hard Rock and Big J's all do a great burger. Love how gourmet burgers are the new thing in Barcelona!

Sara more than 5 years ago

Burger Vs Elvis

My favourite burger place in Barcelona is Big J's Burger (the one in the Raval) but I am not sure it is because of the burgers or the atmosphere: try a Flo Wao (my favorite) listening to good old fashion rock'n'roll and judge by yourself...

Niels more than 5 years ago

Barcelona Heart Burger

I ate a fantastic burger in "Barcelona Heart Burger" (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 602) . It's a new burger restaurant with organic burgers. They have also a gluten free menu for celiacs, a very interesting option.

Mark more than 5 years ago

Pim Pam Burger

For me the best burger in town is Pim Pam burger, it´s excellent quality and price's....the best!!!!!

Alvarito's more than 6 years ago

A new option

Last night I tried the newly-opened Pep Burg in Les Corts area (it's just by the Les Corts metro station so even if you don't get to that neighbourhood very often, it's easy to locate). Despite some irritation caused by the name (why not Pep BurgER???), we ate really well. I had the Monet, which includes foie gras, brie and roasted peppers, and my husband had the Clay, a massive burger with traditional trimmings (bacon, egg, lettuce, cheese, etc.) Everything has been called after a famous person and there's a 'Christie' dessert named after Agatha Christie which is some kind of fruit crumble. It's not cheap (the Clay was 9 euros), but they do have various original options (including the 'Nobel', a salmon burger) which I think make it worth trying.

Hannah more than 6 years ago

Pim Pam!

Pim Pam is soooo good! Had been meaning to try it for ages, and finally went there during La Mercè. I got the smallest, plainest burger (think it was about 4€) and it still came with fried onions, whatever salad and sauce you wanted, and was so big I couldn't finish it! Really good value and delicious!

Lauren more than 6 years ago

Best burger and best city ever !

Has to be Pimpam. Meat is cooked to perfection and then piled high with all that messy stuff (salad and sauce !) that makes you want to come back the following day for more. Yum. Just off Carrer de Rec in El born... Thanks to Barcelona Met Mag for mailing me the mag weekly and giving me a piece of Barca here in Ireland. It's my dream to be there full time some day. Hopefully !

Catherine more than 6 years ago

Check out my ranking

I've been asking myself this exact same queston so I made a ranking of the best burgers in barcelona:

So I gotta agree with Tom actually, Bacoa currently serves the best burger in barcelona.

All reviews and the ranking on my site are entirely subjective, I'm not affiliated with any of the places I review.

Hope my site is helpful to some and please do comment!

Burger Lover more than 6 years ago

Devil's Kitchen

I ate the Devil's Burger, which is fairly big burger with fresh high quality meat with cheese and plenty of fresh salad. There are like 6 or 7 different sauces u put in between yourself, and munch away. It was a treat for only 4,10e. I left the locale full and content, and service was great, the owner is pretty friendly guy, it's easy to strike a chat with him either in English, German or Castellano I observed. The only bad thing is that the Devil is situated in a poor neighborhood, so I wouldn't take anything valauble with me, though it's the beginning of the neighborhood, not really inside it much.

Henrikki more than 6 years ago

Try these

They blow the rest out of the water.

Tom more than 6 years ago

Best Burger in BCB

For me definitely the one at Devil's Kitchen in the Raval! The meat is fresh, grilled to your liking, and the extra sauces range from mild (like curry ketchup) to extra spicy (salsa infierno). Cheaper than any other in town!

Frank more than 6 years ago

happy walo with xtra bacon

The best burger I ate in Barcelona was the Happy Walo from big j's.
(Although you need a few minutes before you can eventually walk ;)

Nino more than 6 years ago

Best burgers in BCN

Why do some places put a fried egg on the to of their burgers? Seems sacrilegious. Flash Flash burgers are not burgers. Le Bourger's burgers are basically raw meat.

Billy de Philly more than 6 years ago

best burger in bcn

moon, on the corner of Balmes Provenza

more than 6 years ago

Foster's Holllywood

Best I've had - though I haven't been to Hard Rock, where I'm sure it's good - is Foster's Hollywood and the price is much better.

Jill Adams more than 6 years ago

Best burger

Just heard that the "best burger" can be found at a place called "Le Bourger" (sp?) in Sarria. Will try and comment shortly!

Chris more than 7 years ago

Burger in Barcelona = Big J

So far, the best burger i ve tried in Barcelona (can be extended to Spain)was the "Big J's"..
JB, the manager, created a good atmosphere: underground dining.

flo more than 7 years ago

Best Burgers

Try Emme's Diner! open only sunday nights @ Las Las Guindas (calle St. Pau 126). Homemade burgers and lots more american style, and Rock'n¡Roll!!

swisspinup more than 7 years ago


I have to change my mind about ROCK & RIBS . the one i liked was the 1 in c c GRAN VIA 2 - now CLOSED -. The one in la Maquinista i didn't like it so much - last week- and the meat's not charcoal flavour anymore.
P.S. Where is café BO in Gracia , wich street ?

Robin more than 7 years ago

Rock & ribs + fast good

Very interesting blog. I'll try some of these new recommendations. My choices are rock & ribs in c.c. la maquinista (st. andreu),i liked the taste cooked whit charcoal & (ferran adrian's franchise) fast good in c/balmes 127-provenza- , specially the "pampera burger" , the meat is not argentinian , but the sauce chimichurri. i love it.
About the one in viena , the bread is toasted & crunchy, the onion and emmental cheese melts , but i don't like the meat (pork + veal) it's overcooked, a pity.

Robin more than 7 years ago

Twins and OK Burger

The best burgers in Barna can be found at Twins (St. Gervasi) and OK Burger (Sarria). I'm American and these are the real deal!

C/ Guillem Tell
Metro: FGC L6 (St. Gervasi) or L7 (Plaça Molina)
Bus: 27, 32

OK Burger
Metro: FGC L6 (Sarria)

American Seal of Approval (hahahaha) more than 7 years ago

Pim Pam Burger

Pim Pam Burger; Simply the Best!! in the Born try it.. C/ rec 18

Pablo more than 7 years ago

Bo bar burgers r best

First off I'm glad that no-one mentioned the greasy nonsense that that certain place just off Carrer Commerc serves up despite what you read in guide books. Pim Pam burgers are just not up to much in my opinion. On the otehr hand bearing in mind they only need to please hung over stag parties Flaherty's just off the Ramblas are suprisingly good (better than the George Payne). But for me the best burgers in town are in a little cafe in Gracia called Bo's. Taste, value, size, and especially presentation- all top notch. Their version of beef in a bun makes mincemeat (!) of the competition!

Fela more than 7 years ago

Big J Burger

Big J's Burger is a fantastic new option. Right in Raval( carrer del carme, 74), you might want to give it a try for your next review

Isabel more than 7 years ago

OK Sarria

I´ve not been yet but lot of people say OK Sarria (Jaume Piquet, 18) does the best burgers in Spain, if not the world.
Just looking at the menu is making me salivate. Chiliburger mmmm.
Right, I´m going tonight

Tom more than 7 years ago


This may be hard to believe for any American, but after having tasted real burguers over there I have to agree with the introduction of the article: best burguers in BCN are at Hard Rock Cafe.

Angel more than 7 years ago

George Payne Bar Burger

Great blog posting! While having a beer with friends at the George Payne Irish Bar on Pl. Urquinaona I got the munchies and decided to order the "Chris de Burgher". Have to say I was very sceptical and expected nothing special -- but was very pleasantly surprised both by the size and the taste.

Mark more than 7 years ago

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