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third culture kid now raising a third culture baby

Being a third culture child myself some of these disadvantages and advantages are valid. However, it all depends on your family values and the most important lesson you learn is to see the world as one big family.If your family and school engages in integration, language skills and cultural experiences, you will end up with amazing abilities and skills which will serve you the rest of your life. We are all the same really, and it is extremely important to living in a more peaceful world that we we all realize this. I´m super grateful for my family and the amazing International School of Jakarta( Indonesia). I can see the global picture from an early age and value the specific cultural experiences, natural beauty, the environmental systems and how it all interacts.We are all connected, and we need to work together. I think it´s healthy to learn that not all relationships will last for a long time as well as appreciating the time you have with current friends. On the topic of feeling lost- its a definetly something i did experience however it wasn´t anymore than my peers, that´s all part of growing up and maturing and figuring out who you are. I also believe you may not be in the same phases as your peers however its just diffrent priorities. Sometimes I do wonder what it´s like to live and grow up in one place- but i think i would have left early on and still had struggeled with similar issues growing up. A disadvantage that I experienced was living a more protected life until I finished school, but reality was that we had bomb threats at school, urine tests to sceen drug use and we were not busy doing drugs or getting pregnant. There was a bigger picture, and our school was great at educating us about it. In the end, great education and strong family values that engages in the local area/country is vital.
Anyhow thought this was interesting to read.

Elin more than 5 years ago


Funnily enough I looked up TCK on Wikipedia only last week, it is very much on my mind as my two children will shortly finish (catalan state) school term here in Barcelona and go off to the UK for a week with my parents to attend a local primary school so they have some exposure to kids english and slang!
I found it interesting that Wikipedia implied that throughout their lives TCK's connect strongly with others who have similarly varied backgrounds and feel they have more in common with them (no matter where they are from) than with monocultural individuals.
As a TCK myself (I've only just found out) this all makes alot of sense.

monica kruger more than 5 years ago

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