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Thanks so much for letting us know that there are other options out there!

Johanna more than 5 years ago


We went through a similar thought process for our two boys and finally opted for Xantala in Poblenou ( Xantala is a "free school" run by the parents and has about 20 children aged from 2-6. The hours are 9-2 each day (but you can arrive any time you like after 9) and there's a ratio of one educator to five children. It's a very gentle environment that allows each child to go at their own pace and develop at their own speed. The timetable also means that we get to spend lots of time with them.

E&M more than 5 years ago

School Time Alternatives

The loop that went through your mind in making the school decision is one of the reasons I love our Waldorf school in Bellaterra. Infantil kids can leave as early as 12 or 1 (without lunch) or 2-2:30 (with lunch). Primary grades can leave as early as 2 (without lunch) or 3:30 (with lunch). There is also after school service until 4:30. So, I pick up my primary kid and infantil kid both at 2 pm. A bit harder for my daughter, because she has to wait to eat. Sometimes I bring a lunch for her and she eats in the car if we have errands after school. Around 10 am, they both have a snack at school. In Infantil, the school provides it - usually fruit, nuts, muesli. In Primary, kids bring sandwiches and fruit from home.

Jennifer @ more than 5 years ago

long day

Thanks for this post, I think most foreign parents are fairly surprised by how early children start school here as well as the unusual timetable.
One other issue is how full schools are, what should be a "choice" to start free preschool at 3 becomes an obligation since at age 4 there are just no empty seats.
We were looking for another option and were able to find a public school that does the 9-2 timetable for P-3, P-4 and P-5. That gives us the chance to combine work and family life, as well as having enough time to consolidate the children's home language. I love having a few afternoons a week free to hang out with my own kids!
We are very happy with this timetable. The children can stay for lunch when need be, and are with their monitors from 2-5 which gives them a chance for free play, out of the classroom, which is so important at that age.
Our school is fully behind this timetable, and now we are campaigning to let the primary school children (1-6 grade) go back to that schedule now that the 6th hour will almost surely be eliminated.
We definitely think that the 9-2 timetable with a big break at 11 for a snack (ie: American lunch! sandwich and/or fruit) is just better for the children and their families.

Michelle more than 5 years ago

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