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moving to & schooling for 6yrs old in barcelona

hi johanna, my son and i are intending to move to barcelona, after spending 10 of the last 11yrs in asia. my son speaks some english but mostly hindi (i speak no hindi), he is considered intelligent but is not keeping up. i had a mild stroke a few years ago and am feeling worn down by the asian experience, so now i feel it is time to settle down for my son's education and i also wish him to grow up in a creative and alive city hence barcelona. my income is 945 euros a month (not much i know). do you have any suggestions as to which areas if any to live in or near barcelona, schooling,etc is it at all practical . i'd also just like to thank you for your style of presentation on the above pages, relaxed personal and informative thank you kurt

kurt more than 5 years ago

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