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I have 3 children in local school education here in Barcelona and I know I am not the only parent that wishes that there was an affordable alternative. In the lives of parents who are not in Spain with big company jobs, education for their children is a real concern. If I had the finances I would send all of my children to a British school here in Barcelona but this is not an option. I feel for this mother and understand her experience regarding her 2nd child.

Krishinda more than 5 years ago


After reading this article, I was surprised that the mother chose to keep her daughter in a school that she clearly felt was not adequate in almost every aspect. Is it really just about the money? I was also curious if the daughter will be transferring to the American school when her brother finishes his studies.

Jeff more than 5 years ago

Food for thought!

Wow - food for thought! We're making the choice for next school. I'd love to hear more of these experiences. Thank you

Jessica more than 5 years ago

Honesty is a virtue

I respect Sarah's honesty in this review. Well done!

Pete more than 5 years ago

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