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I had my son in Madrid and one month later I had to have my gallbladder removed. I went to the international hospital there and the staff was very helpful. They made sure all of my medications were safe for nursing mothers and they even set up a bassinet in my room so my son could spend the night with me at the hospital. (This was four years ago.) All of the pediatricians we saw encouraged breastfeeding, though again we went with private doctors and hospitals.

Now I am pregnant with my third in Barcelona and I am hoping that it will be a positive experience here too.

Kristin more than 1 year ago


I am still breastfeeding my 15month old and would like an appointment with Elvira Lopez. Here is my email ;

Many thanks

Mrs Flett more than 3 years ago


Thanks for your comments! Just to clear one thing up (for Rebeca), the hospital my son was in DID allow me to breastfeed. The problem was more than I was so sick myself, that I wasn't able to stay with him in his room or even visit him more than once a day or so (which was in itself, a challenge since I could barely walk!).

Johanna more than 5 years ago


My pedriatician (Cap Rec Comtal) encouraged me all the way. I nursed my son for 2 years and a half, until he decided to stop and never had a problem. In fact, I encountered less sympathy in the US. I had to cover myself when nursing, something I never had to do in Barcelona.
I do not know what kind of hospital wouldn't allow a nursing mother to breastfeed her child, especially when he/she is sick. I find that apalling. Maybe the protocol for that specific flu was different, but it certainly needs to be addressed.
Another thing to improve is the fact that working mothers have it so difficult to continue nursing beyond the 4 months of "baja maternal". I believe that is the main problem, not the lack of information.
And then, there is breastfeeding activism... I just do not like the proselitism. Women need to be free to choose whatever makes them feel more comfortable without being judged by others.

Rebeca more than 5 years ago


Great article. I just wanted to mention one other thing and that is that many pediatricians are not very knowledgeable about breastfeeding, although they dispense lots of advice anyway. So, if in doubt about anything, always check with a breastfeeding counsellor too.

Tanya more than 5 years ago

breast feeding

Hi, Thank you for your article on breast-feeding. I have a 15 month old baby, whom still drinks breast milk as much as he wants. The general trend amongst my mommy peers is still breast-feeding, but I don´t see many locals breastfeeding that long.However, I do get many old ladies commenting that it is great that I am still breast-feeding and that it is the best thing for the baby.The culture of my home country is defiantly breast-feeding minimum 6months to 12 months. I think more information will help promote breast-feeding, which personally I think is great for the babies- they love it and my own body produces all he needs!

breast-feeding is great! more than 5 years ago

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