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birthdays for homeschoolers

One thing I can say is that as a child, one of my favorite kinds of birthday celebrations was when my mother told me I could pick just one friend and do something very special (i.e. going to the beach, making cookies, etc). As parents we often find ourselves thinking that our kids expect a big to-do with lots of guests but in reality, they'd probably have just as much fun with something smaller and more intimate.

Johanna more than 5 years ago


Hi Tracy,
I was interested to see that you're homeschooling. Is there much of a network here for it? We're considering it for the future, but are worried about getting isolated. Thanks!

Barcelona mum more than 5 years ago


Thanks for your post, I am a homeschooling mom in Sant Cugat and my daughter will be seven on Saturday... wondering what fun I can plan for her with no school friends. :0(

Tracy more than 5 years ago

birthday party cultural differences

I just remembered one very funny way that cultural differences came up at a birthday party I gave a few years ago in Madrid. I told everyone that the party started at 4pm and all the English people were there by 4:15. Around 6:30pm, all the Spanish people rolled in, just as the English ones were saying they should get their kids home for dinner and bed! It was seriously like having two separate parties with two separate sets of guests!

Johanna more than 5 years ago

Kids parties

My kids are grown up now but I can assure you that outdoor parties are very much the thing. I live in the Eixample, and a few years ago our 'interior d'illa' was converted into a kids' playground, At weekends many many parties are held there, with food on the benches and pinyatas strung between the trees. I love listening, watching and wallowing in nostalgia, from my balcony. However they are usually around Spanish mid morning (UK and US noon!). At weekends, 4pm is still lunchtime here.

Valerie more than 5 years ago

Parties in Barcelona

Loved your post - I suffer from party insecurity twice a year. I always do a typical UK-style party at home with homemade nibbles and a couple of games. The foreign guests all seem very relaxed with this, but I do get the impression that it seems a bit odd for the local parents. I've been to lots of parties in the Ciutadella park and I've noticed quite a lot of locals celebrate there. The other local parties that I've been too have been very chaotic and relaxed, with very little laid on especially for the kids, in terms of food and games. The kids don't seem to care either way!

Paula more than 5 years ago


I used to work as an entertainer at kids parties. i always wondered what the spanish birthday party scene was like!
interesting post!

kat more than 5 years ago

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