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thanks for the feedback

Hello A and M,

thanks for the feedback.

A: glad you are finding the blog interesting

M: Yes I totally agree! Interestingly, so do the social workers I have been dealing with. We often joked about how the majority of 'bio' parents wouldn't make it past the CI gate. We all understand that parents have to be 'screened' when we are talking about vulnerable children, but I think many feel that the parameters are too 'rigid.' But you are right, at the end of the day it's matter of telling them what they want to hear,

Best of luck with your CI


Meredith more than 6 years ago


An excellent blog, we are also considering adoption, and It's been interesting to read about your experiences. Thanks.

a more than 6 years ago

I agree!

I´m going through the Certificado de Idoneidad at them moment too, in Barcelona.
I hate that they try to "catch you out" with the questions.
I do understand their objective to a certain degree, but does ANYONE knows of any perfect biological parents! pfff.
My husband and I wondered if any of our bio-parent friends would make it past square 1 in the adoption process. After that little chuckle, we got back to focusing on our reality.. how to say what they want to hear and how they want to hear it. ugh.
all best with it.

m more than 6 years ago

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