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single parent adoption

Hi Julia,

When I sent in my solicitud the income threshold was 18,000 euros per year for singles. That was in 2008 so it would be worth checking with ICAA.

And yes many countries are becoming more strict on adoptions from singles--my feeling is because there is already a great demand from married couples whom they perceive as a 'safer' choice.

There is quite a lot on which countries take singles on www.adoptiva.net. If you are prepared to adopt a special needs child you will probably find that your options widen. Also have you considered national adoption? This doesn't necessarily mean that you would end up with a 'Spanish' child and you can adopt here as a single.

I would prefer to keep anonymity on the nationality of my child, hope you understand...

Good luck in the future!

best, Meredith

Meredith more than 6 years ago

single parent adoption

Hi Meredith,

I've been looking into the possibility of international adoption on & off for a year or two now & was delighted to come across your blog.

Do you mind me asking from which country you adopted? From what I can see most countries are becoming pretty strict on wanting married couples (rather than single parents or "parejas de hecho").

Another question I had, which I can't find a solid answer to, is income level - what do they consider an acceptable income?

Congratulations on your daughter & good luck for the future!


julia more than 6 years ago

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