Getting Out and About: I Need Mr Motivator!




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petit bcn

great tips kate! do you know the newsletter from lots of fun ideas, theatre, activities, films etc for the petits. & don't stop motivating the rest of us! x

Su more than 2 years ago

Petit Barcelona

Thanks Su, i'll check it out!

Kate more than 2 years ago

Couldn't agree more....

...sometimes it's like wading through treacle trying to get the kids through the front door on weekend mornings, but afterwards it always feels great to have got out there and done something different. Really good suggestions! Loving this blog : )

Gràcia mamacita more than 2 years ago

Great Ideas

Thanks for all these good ideas! Will be planning some picnics in the sunshine!

Alice more than 2 years ago


Great suggestions. Another good place if you need some greenery on a summer day but don't want to go too far, are the parks on Montjuic - Joan Brossa has some fun stuff for kids and lots of grass to lounge around on. Always feels like you escaped the city.

Mom of two more than 2 years ago


So true! And a hike up to the castle is always good for a mini adventure!

Kate Gwinnett more than 2 years ago

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